A bout me

Hello and welcome to Clear Headspace Cornwall.

My name is Margaretha. I was born in the Netherlands and have lived in Cornwall for over 35 years. I am a clinical and remedial Hypnotherapist, a Control practitioner, an NLP practitioner, and a Mind-Calm coach with over a decade of experience working with people from all walks of life.

Do you feel like the whole world is against you right now? Do you feel like your unwanted behaviours or anxieties are taking control of your life? 

Life can be a struggle when you’re unsure how to proceed. You can feel trapped and not know how to feel better.

The peace and calm that you seek can sometimes feel so far away.

I know these feelings from personal experience. There was a time when I, too, felt lost and depressed. I couldn’t see a way out or how to move forward and found it hard to be happy and content.

But now, I am living the life I love, which I once thought was ultimately out of my reach. I started to take action and became a qualified remedial hypnotist, a modern meditation coach, a master in NLP and most of all, a Control practitioner. I have worked in Cornwall for over a decade with people from 9 to 89. (client feedback)

You can make these changes, too, by taking the first step to contact me. Every person, including you, deserves to live a life they love!
I love passing on my experiences and creating a life with you to make the changes you want for yourself.

I offer various services, including hypnotherapy, control system techniques, modern ways to clear headspace, and many more techniques that are always tailored to your needs. I also provide group sessions of 3 to 6 people, where we work together, offering peer support to focus our minds.

If you’re ready to take action to move forward, I would be honoured to assist you on your journey.

Contact Margaretha and book a free call.

Training, qualifications & experience:

Fully qualified and BIH registered.
Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma, Freddy and Anthony Jacquin (jacquinprofessionalhypnotherapyassociation.com)
Control Practioner, Tim Box, Accredited Remedial Hypnotherapist (https://thecontrolsystem.co.uk)
NLP Training, Richard Bandler, John LaValle co-finder of NLP, 
Phil Parker,  Diploma in NLP, Coaching & Clinical Hypnotherapy, Master NLP. (HTTP://www.philparker.org)
EFT Practioner level 1 & 2, Sue Beer & Emma Roberts, EFT Masters (http://www.theeftcentre.com), 
Clinical Hypnosis, NLP, Nicholas Evans (www.nlp-southwest.co.uk), 
Body and Mind-Calm Meditation Coach, Sandy C. Newbigging. 
I am fully insured, DBS checked &accredited.