Client feedback.

Hi Margaretha,
Thank you for being so helpful and supporting me through this difficult time. It enabled me to feel empowered, strong and energised. A ‘can do’ mentality rather than ‘I can’t’. I gained awareness of how I use my words against myself and how I become a victim of my negative chatter. My mind was compassionate and opened to new possibilities and choices. X

After four years of searching for a private therapist without any luck, Margaretha appeared as if by magic. I had looked through her work via Facebook and her website. I watched Margaretha’s videos before contacting her to see if she had any space for sessions.

With my history of CPTSD and Panic Disorder, I was determined to get my life back, which meant that I needed to face my past and work on healing the right way. For many years, I have lived through the approach of “take it day by day” and forgetting the past motto. Only to find that, on occasion, I would have mental health breakdowns and severe anxiety related to issues surrounding my past.

Margaretha initially called me via Zoom to discuss how she could help me through this. She was such a lovely, kind lady. She didn’t push me to sign up for anything; she let me sit with her information, and she welcomed me back at any time to chat.
I just knew she was the woman to help me.
With such a warm heart and safe nature, I booked sessions with Margaretha.
I can’t even begin to tell you what an incredible journey this is already being. I feel different in a good way, and my mind is clearer. I am now able to leave my house, exercise, talk to people, and become motivated to work through who I am.
Margaretha has been working through personal traumas with me, and I am 100 per cent confident that I am in safe hands.
If you are looking to let go of pain and are ready to start your journey with Margaretha, I can promise you that it will be the best decision for you.

Margaretha has changed the way I think! Her sessions are relaxing and so educational. The Hypnosis is something else! The subconscious is so powerful that Margaretha teaches you to listen and look after it. If you want to rest your mind like I did, then I can’t recommend her enough. Changing my way of thought and learning techniques for stressful situations has benefited me tenfold. But most of all, the biggest thing I learned was to be kind to myself. And the sessions don’t end there.
Margaretha is just an email away for additional support.